What We Do

The Friends are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of volunteers who work to support the library by:

  • Raising funds to support library programs and projects.
  • Encouraging and stimulating increased use of the library and its resources;
  • Assisting library staff, as needed, with their projects and tasks;
  • Encouraging cooperation with other Island cultural and educational groups;

How do the Friends raise funds?A Friends of the Library Book Sale

  • Through the sale of books, DVDs, and CDs donated to the library at periodic large book sales as well as ongoing smaller-size sales at the Mercer Library and our online bookstore;
  • Through contributions and memorials;
  • Through membership dues.

How do the Friends use funds raised?

Salt Hands by Ted Rand

Salt Hands by Ted Rand

  • We support a wide variety of programs and functions that appeal to all segments of the community;
  • We have purchased original artworks, such as Ted Rand’s Salt Hands;
  • We have purchased equipment and furnishings, such as a lectern, puppets, an LCD projector, a digital camera, and a sofa, table, and chairs;
  • We have commissioned artworks, such as Marjett Schille‘s watercolors, the Maria Abrams mural, and the pedestal for Tony Angell‘s Sunning Otter;

How can you help the Friends?

Shoppers at the Friends of the Mercer Island Library Book Sale in April 2011.

Shoppers at the Friends of the Mercer Island Library Book Sale in April 2011. (Photo by Joel Wachs)

  • By setting up and conducting periodic book sales;
  • By planning and hosting programs and functions;
  • By sorting and crating donated books;
  • By providing new energy, ideas, and talent to keep the organization moving forward.
  • By making a donation to help us fund our programs.